Customer Online Booklist Orders FAQ

Q. Do I have to make a payment when I place my order online?
A. Yes, you will be required to finalise the payment on your order before it is processed.

Q. Will my booklist be delivered or can I collect it from a store?
A. When placing your order you can select delivery for $6.90 to your nominated address or free pick up from your local The School Locker store. Please refer to current important dates for delivery and pick up from the store information and addresses.

Q. How much will it cost for my booklist/s to be delivered?
A. Delivery is set to $6.90 per order; ie: you can have as many booklists as you want per order.

Q. Can I track my delivery?
A. Yes – once your order has been shipped you will be advised by email by The School Locker with a tracking number from Australia Post.

Q. Are the in-store prices the same as the online prices?
A. The Booklist prices usually reflect the prices in-store. On occasion a product may be less if purchased through the booklist.

Q. Does my school get a kick-back or commission when I order through The School Locker?
A. Partner Schools with The School Locker receive a rebate on all purchases made at/through The School Locker.

Q. Do you accept online booklist orders all year round?
A. No, booklists are made available each year during October and November and will remain online until 30 May the following year. This is due to price changes and to avoid confusion later in the year when Schools begin to prepare new school year booklists.

Q. Is there a processing fee or charge to purchase online?
A. No, there is no charge for purchasing/ordering online.

Q. Can you process and deliver all orders without involving the school?
A. Yes, however where a school requests we can provide a Deliver to School option for certain items; ie: tissues, copy paper. We also encourage schools to assist in handing out back ordered items which can be delivered to classrooms with items labelled to students.

Q. Are there any late fees, cancellation fees or packing fees incurred with the online order?
A. No, there are no late, cancellation and or packing fees; however free pick-up in store is not available after the round 2 cut-off date. The only option will be delivery. Please note: If you purchase your booklist late, there is no guarantee of delivery before school begins in 2017.
Q. Do you have a shop or outlet for parents to purchase booklist items?
A. The School Locker stock a range of basic back to school items in each of our retail stores, though not including text books.

Q. Can we have collection days at the School and does The School Locker supply staff for these days?
A. When the school requests an on-campus collection day, The School Locker will assist where required.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept from parents?
A. The School Locker accept all standard forms of tender, cash, credit card, debit card, cheque for in store purchases and Visa card, Master Card or PayPal for online purchases.

Q. Can you provide electronic as well as hard copy of booklists?
A. Yes, we can provide a copy on request.

Q. When will my booklist/s be delivered?
A. Refer to the important date's section, in your schools booklists page.

Q. I missed the cut off date for my booklist - can I still order?
A. Yes, late orders are still accepted and processed, however, when ordered after the cut-off date, an immediate delivery date cannot be given. Please note: Late orders are not guaranteed delivery before back to school.  

Q. I ordered before the cut-off date, when will I receive my order?
A. Refer to the important date's section on your schools booklist page.

Q. I ordered after the cut-off date, when will I receive my order?
A. The order will be processed, however no guaranteed delivery date can be provided.  Please note: Late orders are not guaranteed delivery before back to school.  

Q. I don't know if I ordered before or after the cut off date, or what was the cut off date?
A. Please refer to your order confirmation that is emailed to you after you place an order. If you have misplaced your order confirmation, please use our LiveChat service and we can assist you.

Q. I ordered more than 1 booklist and I have not received them all; are they still coming?
A. We dispatch book list orders by grade. If you do not receive multiple parcels on the same day, the remaining order(s) will be delivered in the next few days.

Q. Is a courier delivering my booklist order? Do I have to wait at home for the delivery?
A. All book lists are shipped via Australia Post's parcel delivery service. Each book list will be packaged and delivered separately. If nobody is home to accept delivery Australia Post will leave a calling card and instructions on how to collect your parcel - usually it is available for pickup from your local Post Office. When your order has been shipped, The School Locker emails you as such, with the Australia Post tracking reference number.

Q. I think there are items missing in my delivery and or items not ordered?
A. Book list orders can contain many items so please check the Order Confirmation to determine exactly what was ordered. If your Order Confirmation and your delivery do not match please contact The School Locker on 1800 826 155 or via The School Locker website - ‘Contact Us’.
If your Order Confirmation and delivery match, but you believe that you received something different than what your school expects; ie: a specific coloured folder, please contact The School Locker.

Q. What if my items are damaged or faulty?
A. Contact The School Locker immediately so that we can quickly replace those items, as per our Returns Policy. Our preference (at this busy time of year) is to quickly exchange items at one of our The School Locker retail stores. If we do not stock the item in question in store, we will organise a replacement item to be sent to you at no additional charge.

Q. Can the order be cancelled?
A. Booklist orders can be cancelled, as long as it has not been processed. The School Locker respects our customers' decision to change their mind. Unfortunately book list orders are sent for pick, pack and dispatch within 2 business days of receiving the order. We will be happy to provide a full refund once the goods have been returned to The School Locker, as per our Returns Policy.

Q. I received my booklist with a notice inside, stating some of the ordered items are not in stock, what happens next?
A. This means that at the time of dispatch, an ordered item(s) were not in stock. In these cases we delivered your order to meet the delivery due date, and will deliver the remaining item(s) as soon as they are available. Any queries, please contact The School Locker.

Do you have another question that we have not answered?
If you require more information about your order or you have a question that has not been addressed in this FAQ please email

Your feedback is most welcome.
At this busy time of year we appreciate that you may not have time to provide us with feedback regarding your experience as a book list customer, but please feel free to contact us at a later time.
Feedback can be lodged on the Contact Us page on The School Locker website or by mail at The School Locker – 103 Hyde Rd, Yeronga QLD 4104.