Casio Calculator Casio Scientific FX100AUPLUS

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Casio Calculator Casio Scientific FX100AUPLUS


The fx-100AU PLUS scientific calculator has undergone a complete makeover. -The new fx-100AU PLUS has all the great features of the fx-82AU PLUS II and MORE. - When combined with the benefits of our Prime Schools PLUS program, you get more than just a calculator.

New features include: - 40 different unit conversions - Normal distribution calculations - Calculations in various bases, including converting between bases - Conversion to polar co-ordinates from rectangular and vice versa

Other features include: - Prime factorisation - Random Integer functions - Multiple intuitive ways to enter fractions - List-Based data entry for statistics - Natural textbook display - Combinations and permutations - Approved surd and trigonometric calculations - Coordinate conversion - Exponential regression of the form abx - Multi-replay - Large,easy-to-read dual-line display

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