Complete Office 2014 USB OEM

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Complete OFFICE and Complete MAIL icons will now be available on the desktop for you to use.


Installation Instructions 1. Open Windows File Explorer To open click on This PC or Windows File Explorer - you can also use the keyboard shortcut: [Windows logo]+[E] Picture 2. Insert and Locate the USB Card Drive Insert the USB Card into any USB port then click / view under 'This PC' on the left - you should see the 'Complete OFFICE' USB drive. If you don't, take the card out and flip it around the other way or try another USB port. Picture 3. Open The Installation Wizard Left-click on the 'Complete OFFICE' USB drive and then double left-click on the file 'setup' and then follow the installation prompts to install. 4. Run The Installation Wizard Press the INSTALL button to begin the installation process. The INSTALLATION PROGRESS bar will move along to the right as each selected component is installed. Note: The installation progress bar may pause during installation - this is normal - allow the installation to continue until finished. Picture

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