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Jupiter Tuba BBb 3/4 Size

The Jupiter 378 Series is a full sounding 3/4 tuba any band director will enjoy adding to the repertoire.

Jupiter Student Trombone

A free blowing student trombone from Jupiter with quick response and good tonal quality.

Jupiter Ergonomic Trombone

The trombone from Jupiter specifically designed to enhance playability and increase learning speed.

Jupiter Student Trumpet

The 408L trumpet is based on Jupiter's award winning 300L trumpet.

Jupiter Trumpet w/Monel Valves

Jupiter's ML606 Trumpet with Monel Valves is considered by many to be the best valued student step-up trumpet on the market.

Rent to own $10.15 per week. See instore for details, minimum 6 months rental.


Jupiter Double French Horn

Jupiter Double French Horn

Jupiter Cornet Silver

Jupiter Cornet Silver

Jupiter Trumpet Stainless Steel Piston

Trumpet Stainless Steel Piston

Jupiter Baritone Horn Lacquer

This horn is an excellent value, and in many cases has permitted school orchestras to expand their low brass sections. Upright bell.

Nuova Trumpet with case

This student trumpet is perfect for beginner trumpet players.

Jupiter Euphonium 3 Valve

An innovative student Euphonium that represents unmatched value at a great price.

Jupiter Double French Horn with Removable Bell and Case

Jupiter Double French Horn with Removable Bell Includes case

Hohner Harmonica Little Lady Gemini Anniversary Edition Key of C

Tonal range of one full diatonic octave makes them completely playable

Jupiter Student Trombone

Hard chrome nickel plated inner slide



Jupiter Ergonomic Trombone

With its impressive feature set, this student trombone easily outclasses the entire competition!

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