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Spirax Sketch Book No.579

Spirax sketch books are manufactured from premium 110gsm paper.

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Project Book (buff)

Project Book (buff)

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Sketch Pad A3 Quill

An essential piece of equipment for all art students and professional artists.

Sketch Book A3 #533 Quill 20 Leaf

The pages are perforated so you can easily tear out and display your work.

Sketch Pad A3 #533 Spirax

Spirax – trusted brand, quality paper, stylish and functional.

Sketch Book A4 #534 Quill 20 Leaf

This Spirax No. 534 Sketch Book is a great place to draw, sketch or collage. The quality cartridge paper enhances markings and allows your work to become really effective. The book is spiral bound for greater manoeuvrability so that you can create artworks in a comfortable position.

Spirax Sketchbook Spirax #579B 48 Sheets

This book has a durable cardboard hard cover to keep the pages inside protected.

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Sketch Book #579 270x360mm 32 Page Spirax

This book has a durable cardboard hard cover to keep the pages inside protected.

Sketch Pad A3 Spiral Bound SP33 40 Page Olympic

Developed as an original and functional alternative to traditional lines and boxes for creative people such as architects and graphic designers,

Sketch Book A4 40 Page 110gsm

Australian Office Sketch Book A4 20 Leaf Spiral Bound

Australian Office Sketch Pad/Block A4 #70

Olympic Sketch Block (Pad) #70 A4 Cartridge 25 Leaf

Sketch Block A3 #60 25 Leaf Cartridge Olympic

Olympic Sketch Block. Premium 110gsm cartridge paper suitable for brush, crayon, pen and pencil.

Writer Storybook 64pg top 1/2 pg plain botom 1/2 pg QLD Year 1 Rule

todoStorybook 64pg top 1/2 page Plain - bottom 1/2 page Qld Year 1 ruled + red margin 100gsm - Pineapple

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