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Crayola Dry Erase Activity Centre

Get drawing and writing without having to waste paper with the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Centre offering four dry erase markers, ten activity templates, and an eraser so you can have endless fun!

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Melissa & Doug DS Stained Glass - Undersea Fantasy

"This guided arts-and-crafts activity gives young artists everything they need to create a shimmering ""stained glass"" light catcher. The results are gorgeous: Shaped sticker-gems depict a dolphin, sea turtle, angel fish, and clownfish swimming in a sunbathed coral reef. Hang the finished artwork in a sunny window to see this pretty scene shimmer to life! It's easy to create: Just match the stickers to the number key and place them on the see-through design template. Young artists will be enchanted by the glittering results, and proud to show them off in the ready-to-hang frame. Suitable from 5 yrs+"

Melissa & Doug DS Make-a-Face - Crazy Animals

"Place the stickers to complete 20 silly animal faces . . . or mix them up to make some truly wacky creatures! Five sticker sheets are filled with features to place on the animal backgrounds—including eyes, ears, noses, trunks, horns, and snouts of all shapes and sizes. There are over 170 stickers in all, and 20 full-colour background pages to fill! What will your child’s zany zoo include? A bunny with a trunk? A fox with a horn? The funny results will have kids giggling while they play, improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they seek out matching parts…or make the most outlandish animals possible! Suitable from 3 yrs+"

Crayola Shopkins Coloring Pages and Sticker

Step into colouring and sticker fun with your favourite characters through Crayola’s Colour'n Sticker Books. This sticker and colouring activity set includes all of the art materials your child will need to unleash their creativity.

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Skwooshi Activity Set

The tools for hours of fun and creativity and most importantly, the amazing Skwooshi stretchable dough that never dries out.

Melissa & Doug DS Dinosaur Figurines - DYO

"These two ready-to-decorate, solid-resin dinosaur figurines are waiting to be painted by a dino lover! 6 pots of colourful, non-toxic paint and an easy-clean paintbrush are all included. Figures measure approximately 5cm - 10cm high. Suitable from 8 yrs+"

Melissa & Doug DS Wooden Plane - DYO

Get ready to jet off for aerial adventures with this easy-to-assemble wooden plane model. Includes wooden plane, wheels, axle, paint, paintbrush, glue and aviation-themed stickers so young pilots' creativity can fly high! Plane measures approximately 4" long.

Melissa & Doug DS Wooden Monster Truck - DYO

"Get ready to rev up the excitement with this easy-to-assemble monster truck kit. Includes wooden truck, wheels, axles, paint, paintbrush, glue, and truck-themed stickers. An ideal party activity or favour. Suitable from 4 yrs+"

Wild Science DS Magic Nail Factory

Make custom nails with unique solar colour change and glow in the dark effects. SAFE! No dangerous solvents. HEALTHY - with Bitrex to stop nail biting .

Melissa & Doug DS Horse Figurines - DYO

"Have fun decorating this tender horse and its foal. This kit includes two ready-to-decorate, solid-resin horse figurines with 6 pots of colourful, non-toxic paint and an easy-clean paintbrush. Suitable from 8 yrs+"

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