Referral Letters

We have listed below some of our referrals from our partner schools. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Mueller College

05 August 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

Mueller College has been in partnership with The School Locker since the beginning of 2016. The School Locker provides our school uniforms and has options for parents to purchase technology, footwear, sport and musical equipment and stationery supplies.
Our College staff have found all interactions with The School Locker to be very efficient and professional in all dealings. They have been great to work with and liaise well with our parents.

The School Locker has always offered friendly and helpful customer service and supports all requests that we have made.
We do not hesitate to recommend The School Locker.
Kind Regards

Paul Valese
Head of College

75 Morris Road Rothwell, OLD, 4022 PO Box 487 Redcliffe, OLD, 4020
Phone 07 3897 2990 | Fax 07 3204 0404

St Peters Lutheran College - Springfield

To Whom It May Concern,

St Peters Lutheran College Springfield has entered into a partnership with The School Locker to retail our school uniforms, technology, footwear, stationery, sport and musical equipment.
Our College staff have worked with them for nearly two school terms, and found them to be good communicators both with our families who shop at The School Locker and staff at St Peters who liaise with them.

We have personally seen them onsite deliver a warm and helpful customer service to our families and appreciate their friendly and supporting attitude to them should items need to be returned and/or replaced.
We very much value our partnership with The School Locker.

Yours Sincerely,

Glenda Curtis
Enrolments Registrar

Summerland Christian College

24 August 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

Our school has been running it's uniform shop since the school began. The School Locker appealed to us because:

1.    The amount of stock we were required to hold for our growing school was becoming unmanageable and was a drain on our cash flow.
2.    The quality of the uniforms we were ordering was declining rapidly.
3.    Sizing and colour was inconsistent between orders.
4.    There was increasing pressure on our staff to have the shop open for additional days to serve parents.

Moving over to The School Locker has turned our large amount of stock into cash as well as a regular income stream from our rebates. The quality of the uniforms in both fabric and manufacture has dramatically increased. The service offered to parents from additional operating hours on school grounds as well as the benefits of The School Locker shop front and online ordering has been well received. Retail staff present well and are very professional.

The transition period has been made a lot easier with the assistance of the very experienced staff of The School Locker. They handled everything from stock take to shop fit out to the total design of our new uniform. Communication was always very open and honest. Throughout the whole process they showed confidence and competence.

Overall The School Locker have taken our school uniform from a position of weakness to a position of strength. We are financially better off and our support staff have more time for better things.

I would highly recommend partnering with them.

Alex Reed
Business Manager

PO Box 7033 Lismore Heights NSW 2480 Australia
Phone 02 6624 2711 | Fax 02 6624 4760

Xavier Catholic College

09 August 2016

Please regard this letter as one of service referral for The School Locker. Until October 2014 Xavier Catholic College operated its own on-site uniform store. However in consideration of growing student numbers, the declining quality of manufactured garments and catering to time pressured parents, the decision was made to hand management of the on-site store alongside production and sales of school uniforms over to The School Locker.

The School Locker seamlessly and effortlessly facilitated this transition. Improvements in uniform quality and production were immediately evident and parents were able to purchase uniforms, in-store at the school, online or at the 'Super Store' over a more convenient weekend period.

The Super Store also offers a vast array of equipment, apparel and educational devices at competitive pricing to further extend and enhance the shopping experience for our families.

The professional development of The School Locker staff is dedicated and on-going, with staff abreast of 'the correct fir for shoes', to the lastest development in software and design.

Not only are The School Locker an extremely professional and impressive operation, they are an attentive, responsive and hardworking supplier that delivers exceptional outcomes across the board.

I confidently recommend business dealings with The School Locker for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Paulette McCosker
Business Manager

2 Redford Drive, Skennars Head NSW, 2478
Phone 02 6618 0180 | Fax 02 6687 6828